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Tommy Dunne Film Armoury services provide comprehensive weaponry solutions for the Film, Television & Theatre industries worldwide. Whether it’s a small TV production or a major motion picture, there’s a tailored solution to meet even the most individual of armoury needs. Frequently requested services are outlined below:

Technical Advice & Script Breakdowns

The right Advice and Research ensures you achieve the attention to detail and degree of authenticity your project requires, especially if historical accuracy is important. Along with a thorough Script Breakdown these crucial elements establish the scope of a project and provide a very clear plan and reliable financial budget.  Flexibility and a variety of options are always available and always discussed.

Weapon Hire

An endless variety of weaponry can be sourced to suit your next production’s needs.  Including but not limited to: Archery Supplies, Bows and Arrows, Swords, Spears, Lances, Shields, Siege Weapons, Assault Rifles, Muskets, Flint-Locks…the list is endless.


From historical weapons, modern firearms to custom fantasy creations, a wide variety of options are available including custom design and manufacture.  From art concepts, sculpting, 3-D modelling to rubber reproductions there’s nothing that can’t be achieved.  Some projects require armies of large scales while others need clever solutions to complex stunt sequences.  For samples of work please view the Gallery.

Logistics & Legal Requirements

Making sure all weapons have the appropriate licensing and approvals to get to the required locations on time, every time!  Don’t risk schedule changes or lost filming days.  A lot of weapons require dedicated planning, specific couriers, police inspections and government approvals.        

Weapons Training & Safety

Artist Training, Safety Assessments, and On-Set Protocols will minimize and control risks helping you to comply with industry regulations.  Weapon training and awareness for all participants involved increases competency in shorter periods of time, adding to the overall efficiency of the project. Weapon safety is always a priority and doesn’t need to slow productions down.